ScharffenBerger Chocolate Maker

(The Hershey Company)

We were hired by the Hershey Company shortly after it acquired ScharffenBerger Chocolate Maker. Advertising agency LPK had just completed a logo and identity redesign for the company and we were given the monumental task of redesigning the entire ScharffenBerger packaging line to integrate and reflect the updated brand. We designed every pack type imaginable from wrappers and tins, to jars and boxes for every retailer imaginable from small grocery to Whole Foods, to Target and Walgreens to Costco. We were privileged to be part of the late Robert Steinberg and John Scharffenberger’s vision for the a new American chocolate while enjoying the support and resources of one of the countries largest consumer packaged goods companies. It was a truly unique and awesome design opportunity, a kind of CPG bootcamp with all of the thrills and vagaries of fulfilling an uncompromising vision.